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Chic, Affordable Art for the Novice Collector

Chic, Affordable Art for the Novice Collector

I love art. I wish I knew more about it--how to make savvy purchases and how to speak intelligently about it. I do know that when I take my time and buy something I like, seeing it everyday, even in passing, makes me happy.

Like most people, I know what I like and my tastes evolve.  Right now I am obsessed with decorating my children's rooms.  Sadly, their rooms are way more polished then my own.  I have a girl and a boy so I get to dabble in all sorts of color schemes and themes.  Two websites I love thankfully offer very affordable options. 

The first one is 20x200.   I love this site because it is novice-friendly and doesn't put on any airs.  Founded by writer, gallerist and curator, Jen Bekman, whose goal is to offer quality, original art at fair prices (prices that are fair to the consumer and the artist).  The site is well curated and the art is cool.

A sampling of art sold at 20x200

A sampling of art sold at 20x200

My second go-to is Avalisa.  Avalisa offers stretched canvas pieces and patterned rugs in an array of colors and themes---from animals to abstracts to landcapes.  

Designer Lisa Masterson launched Avalisa out of the belief that people should enjoy the things they choose to place around them.  it is also easy to mix and match different pieces like a pro because she uses the same color themes across the entire collection. 

P.S. Finally, I think both of these sites offer pieces that work well in both child and adult rooms.  Shop away!

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