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Hi. Welcome to my world! 

Books, art, food, our crazy world events, my busy life... just a few things I like to write about. 

Everything in Moderation...Except Reading.


Today while reading a blog post from one of my favorite "whole" food advocates, I came across a post regarding snacks. The blogger offered snack alternatives to "bad" foods like CHEERIOS (?!). I scanned the comments sections and except for a few parents like me (wait?! what?) this wasn't news to anyone. I did some googling and came across a few alarming articles. All of those Cheerio's-filled mornings flashed before my eyes. Cheerios? Really? 

Recently, while reading another of my regular blogs, this one about books and reading, there was a post about the results of yet another study. The findings? Reading to your child from a young age in an interactive manner raises their intelligence by six points on average. All of those goofy bedtime readings of Olivia and Clifford flashed before my eyes. Ok. I've got this. Dramatic readings of Olivia and Clifford are my thing.  

"...children and their parents engage with storybook reading in an interactive way. The child is an active participant in the reading, with the adult encouraging the child to be as elaborate as possible.” --- Perspectives on Psychological Science, Jan 2013

In the end, I'm not tossing out my Cheerios and I'm not going to start counting IQ points either. Maybe I'll cut back on my blog reading for a while. As for those snack alternatives, you can find them here. Great books for bedtime? We recommend these: 

1) We're Going on A Bear Hunt: Perfect for acting out, this fun adventure ends with everyone safe in bed and a grizzly in retreat. Phew.  

2 & 3) Just Being Audrey & I Like Myself: two creative odes to self esteem with amazing illustrations (especially the hand drawn spread of Audrey's top movie looks).  

4) Iggy Peck Architect: A quirky, melodic book with a sweet message that we love to read over and over and over again

Uncle Goose: Classic Wood Blocks

Nursery Bookshelf from The Well Appointed House