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Cleaning Up The World of Laundry

The Laundress just may change the way you think of chores.

The Laundress just may change the way you think of chores.

During my 20's, I lived in Manhattan and  90% of my income went to rent and 9.9% went to my dry cleaner.  Sound familiar?  While most of us accepted this sad reality, Gwen Whiting and Lindsay Boyd decided to do something about it--the laundry bills, anyways. 

Gwen and Lindsay took issue with the expense and the toxicity of dry cleaning.  They also soon discovered that most things labeled "dry clean only" were also washable. In their quest to eliminate the need for dry cleaning, The Laundress was born.

After two intense years of R&D, they debuted a highly effective, toxin free line of laundry and home cleaning products that all but eliminate the need for dry cleaning. Their products are not only safe, they also take care of your clothes so they last longer: no more greyish whites or pilling sweaters. 

Lastly, for those special pieces that need special care, there is the national Washing Service.  Items are sent to (or dropped off at) their Manhattan showroom where they are expertly hand washed and sent back looking brand new.

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