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Mommy Picks From The Boop

Mommy Picks From The Boop

As I made my way through last weekend I realized that as a mom I have come to rely on some great gadgets, tips and finds. They get me through the trials and tribulations of mom-dom, sanity intact.  

A) Best winter jacket that is warm, cute and plays nice with car seat straps

Patagonia Baby Down Sweater. This ultralight, windproof and water resistant jacket works from Fall to Spring. But what I love most is that I don't break out in a sweat trying to cram my babies into their car seats when the weather drops.

B) Best Mix & Match Storage

Container Store Gingham Storage Baskets.  I own tons of these durable baskets in blue and yellow.  They fit under the changing table and transition nicely onto shelves. 

C) Sippy cups that never, ever leak. EVER.

Nalgene Grip 'n Gulp.  I've found these cups behind the couch cushions upside down and still not a drop.   If you lose the valves, you can order replacements online at BPA Free.

D) Best blanket to keep in your car

The Skiphop Central Park Outdoor Blanket with Cooler Bag. I've used this in so many ways in so many different places. It's a beach blanket, a picnic blanket, a wet dog seat protector...

E) Best Night Light

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room. Read Good Night Moon, then say good night under the moon. Rotates through the 12 lunar stages of the moon and operates on auto shut off to save battery life. Best nightlight, hands down. 

F) Best so-glad-I-have-this-when-I-need-it item

L.L. Bean Mini Camp Lanterns. These little lanterns were recommended to me by a friend.  Great for those after dinner family walks that might end after dusk, camping trips or the much less fun occasional power outage. 

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